Guy Pretty vs. Girl Pretty: Pencil Skirts –

Guy Pretty vs. Girl Pretty: Pencil Skirts

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Guys love pencil skirts. A lot. Hear this funny story from my guy friend K., and tell me what you think….

My friend K. broke up with a girl last spring. He just wasn’t that into her. But the last day they hung out, she wore a pencil skirt, and he got so hot under the collar that his heart basically imploded. “Her outfit was the death of me,” he told me recently. “I still call it the Curse of the Pencil Skirt.”

Apparently, to guys, a pencil skirt is one of the sexiest items of clothing girls can wear. My guy friends unanimously sung its praises: “It shows off a girl’s waist,” says one. “It makes legs look long,” says another. “It’s chic and elegant,” says a third. “It reminds me of my smoking hot high-school teachers,” says a fourth.

Dear readers, what do you think? Do you like pencil skirts? Do you have one? Have you noticed guys’ reactions–good or bad–when you’re wearing it?

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Photo: Anna Melcon Bond

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