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I Tried It: Sensis Condoms With QuikStrips!

The scene: you and a (very lucky fellow) are getting all hot and heavy. As one of you puts on the condom, it becomes pretty evident that it’s gone on the wrong way.

Sometimes after such a mishap, the moment is lost—or worse: a couple tries to re-apply the condom by “flipping” it over. The latter is a big DON’T; use a new condom if this happens.

Happily, there’s a new condom on the prophylactic block that’s all about making sure condoms go on the correct way every time: Sensis Condoms with QuikStrips. The condoms are fitted with small pull down tabs with textured ridges to let you know which direction to roll the condom on.

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While holding the strips, you simply pull down and the condom unravels correctly every time. Because you feel the ridges, rather than look at them, you can apply the condom correctly even when the lights are out. The strips peel away from the condom—much like the strips on the back of an adhesive bandage—as it slides down the penis.

I was a bit apprehensive about trying these, but I was actually quite impressed. They’re super easy—and dare I say, kind of fun—to use. I’ve used quite a few condom brands in my day (all for research purposes, naturally) and I must say, these rank in my top five. The QuikStrips are rather helpful on their own, but the condoms themselves are pretty comfortable.

Last week, I spoke with Beau Thompson, founder of Sensis Condoms to get a bit more information on this safe—and sexy—innovative product:

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Rosemary: How did the idea for these condoms come about?

Beau: My inspiration for Sensis Condoms with QuikStrips came from a personal experience that resulted in a missed opportunity for a passionate moment. I was fumbling around trying to put on the condom quickly and correctly but the time caused both of us to lose the moment. Swearing “never again,” I dedicated myself to developing a faster and easier-to-apply condom that helps keep the passion alive for couples in the moment. Although I never saw her again, I hope the innovation will prevent others from my suffering my fate.

Rosemary: Are these condoms just as safe as other mainstream brands?

Beau: Yes. Sensis Condoms with QuikStrips are just as safe as competitor brands. Condoms are considered a medical device and are regulated by the Food and Drug Administration. We take quality very seriously. Our patented pull-down QuikStrips ensure proper application for safer sex. The Kinsey Institute at the University of Indiana uncovered that condom application errors occur more than 30% of the time.

The most common occurrence, “The Flip,” happens when the user stretches on the condom partially until he realizes it’s on the wrong side. He flips it and applies the condom fully on the correct side. Unfortunately, what was on the inside of the condom is now on the outside and increases the risk to his partner of an STI if he is infected.

At Sensis, we don’t believe you should have to see the condom to figure out what’s the right side, you should be able to feel the right way to apply.

Rosemary: What kind of research went into this project?

Beau: Being an architect by education and trade, I’m also a builder and maker of fine furniture. I spent years in my shop refining the design of the tabs and figuring out how to manufacture this product in a cost effective way. My first prototype was made with the help of an old dot matrix printer, my Hawaiian sling spear and some spare car parts from a 67 Mustang. I even had some parts from an erector set my dad gave me when I was a child! The nicest surprise was when I came out of my shop on a Tuesday after going in on Friday to figure out how to make this work in an automated environment and my prototype worked! I had proven that my idea could be automated to make it economically viable.

Rosemary: What sort of reactions do people have to these condoms?

Beau: The most common reaction is instant empathy with an interrupted or, even worse, a lost moment. Not all condom users know that you shouldn’t flip but when explained, it’s like a light bulb going off.

I think the most interesting reactions come from the women we interviewed during our research and the feedback that we continue to get. Generally, women view condom application as the guy’s job. Although they could put a regular condom on their partner, generally they don’t want to get it wrong. Using Sensis, many of the women commented that it was fun and they got involved in the application moment. We are thrilled they are having fun and are making the process part of the moment rather than having an awkward timeout.

Rosemary: Where can these be purchased?

Beau: Sensis Condoms are available nationwide through our online retailers which include Amazon.com, Walgreens.com, CVS.com, Drugstore.com, Target.com, and Condom-USA. We are also available in specialty shops and independent pharmacies nationwide. Additionally, we are very excited about upcoming availability in select Walgreens stores nationwide, Navarro Drug in South Florida and Pamida Food Stores in the Midwest in January 2011.

Thanks Beau!

Ladies, have you ever experienced a condom application mishap? When you use condoms, who puts them on your fellow’s member? Do you switch off? And do you think you’d give these condoms a try?

Condoms, condoms, condoms!

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Photo: Courtesy of Sensis Condoms

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