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4 Oral Sex Tips That Really Work

The following oral sex tips are definitely not for shy readers, who would most certainly be scandalized, horrified, and potentially hypnotized by the racy, raunchy, delicious oral sex tips ahead (pun intended).

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Lately, I’ve been polling some of my female friends about oral sex, specifically swallowing.

‘ve never completely understood the whole swallowing thing (it’s a welcome option—I’ve just never understood why dudes care what what happens to “it” once it’s in the woman’s mouth).

But let me be clear: You don’t have to do it. I have other female friends who say, “there’s less cleanup,” “it’s not so bad,” and “I think he likes it,” but as a guy, I’m telling you, it’s not important.

Any guy who insists on it is immature, or has unrealistic ideas about what is important sexually, or when it comes to intimacy. If you’re into it: great. If not, here are 4 other ways to finish oral sex that my friends think work just as well, if not better:

1. Mouth on the side

My friend Katie says this is her go-to. As he’s finishing (there are ways you can tell), she casually moves his penis outside of her mouth and to the side, but never breaks contact with the very-sensitive head. “I call it The Penis Whisperer,” she says, because it’s like she’s telling secrets as he’s revealing his inner truths.


  1. Make a Handmouth__

Whats a Handmouth? And how does one make one? Well, it’s not like making dinner, or straight A’s, or a golem; it’s much simpler. According to my friend Rachel, who believes “the wetter the better,” with enough spit and the right motions, your hands can basically become your mouth. If you prefer an early exit; this can avoid any digestive discomfort during the final act.

3. Misdirection

You know when the magician tells you to keep an eye on the hat in his right hand? That’s because he doesn’t want you to see what’s going on with his left. My friend Shannon uses the same kind of wizardry when her gets close by distracting him with what her other, naughtier hand, or what her mouth, is doing. While keeping one hand working her prime target, she lets the other venture further south to his very sensitive Central America. Or maybe her mouth takes a turn down under. Sometimes, she even lets a finger venture around and behind, on a journey towards the center of the earth.

4. Spit it out

If you don’t mind it in your mouth, but can’t stand the thought of making a meal out of it, do what my friend Jacqueline does, and just spit it out. On him. Into a tissue. On the floor. Takes five seconds to clean up and he’ll be in so much ecstasy it’s not like he’ll even notice, much less care.

Do you mind swallowing? Why or why not?

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